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Willa (Wiltrud) Weber is an international vocal phenomenon. Singing in no less than eleven languages, her unique, classically-trained style fuses operatic grandeur with unforgettably rich and colorful interpretations of Jazz, Folk and World Music, mixing Classical with House and Dance. Her haunting Soprano and her capacity to connect with an audience guarantees Willa Weber‘s performances are unforgettable, transformational experiences.

The Berlin-based Soprano was awarded the coveted Karl Erb Stiftung Music Scholarship and has performed with high-profile ensembles including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Berlin Symphonic Orchestra. In the midst of her background in classical performance, her muse lured her first to India, and later to NYC where she delved into the kaleidoscopic presence of various and vast musical and cultural spectrums. What followed was an intense period of creativity which included writing, recording and performance, culminating in her highly regarded Global Acoustic Project.

As Weber’s artistry knows no bounds, her five year collaboration with Haitian-born New York City DJ, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist Jephté Guillaume resulted in the full length release Blue and Deep, which saw the title track make waves in the International House, Dance and Pop world. 

Weber’s career has since expanded to highly acclaimed scores (Rosita la favorite del Tercer Reich, Viking Women), feature film roles (Anna Wunder in Father Rupert Mayer) audiobooks, staged musical readings and performances (Diva in Sommer 14 at the renown Bertolt-Brecht Theater, Berlin). Willa Weber performed as Artist In Residence at the 1. International Music and Theatre Days in Kolobrzeg/Poland and had been featured on the Global Chill Compilation from J2 Music/Water Music Records. With her unique and international repertory she recently finished a number of outstanding concerts in Germany with the Grammy Nominees Quartet San Francisco.

Her new EP WILLA WORLD WIDE, produced by Two-Time Emmy Award winning composer Martin Davich is "A musical journey through different languages and emotions right from my heart...following my wish to contribute to the understanding of different cultures and Peace." Accompanied by Grammy Award-winning violinist Jeremy Cohen and Martin Davich on piano Willa Weber premiered WILLA WORLD WIDE live in Kehillat Israel Synagogue, Pacific Palisades, LA, in October 2017. The very well received concert was supported by the German Consulate General in Los Angeles. It included Willa singing in duet with Cantor Chayim Frenkel and her performance as IRENA SENDLER in an orchestral suite, composed by Hollywood composer Megan Cavallari.

Splitting her time between Berlin and Los Angeles, Willa is working on different projects with film music and trailer composers. She contributed her talent to the newly released album EPICA by Hollywood composer Marcello de Francisci and recorded the full length Trailer Album CAUGHT BETWEEN WORLDS together with for Atomica Music, LA.

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Willa World Wide


This latest EP features 5 tracks produced by two-time Emmy-winning composer Martin Davich.

“Willa World Wide is a musical journey through different languages and emotions right from my heart...following my vision to contribute to the understanding of different cultures and Peace." - Willa Weber

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RESILIENCE (feat. Free Slice)

“It was so much fun to work with Free Slice. What a trip to let my voice dive in and out of this hypnotic deep house track! The feeling and attitude of RESILIENCE came to me right away. I am very happy to be part of the GLOBAL CHILL COMPILATION in honor of Mother Earth, Love and Peace!” - Willa Weber

Up-and-coming international artist Willa Weber continues to break down genre barriers by uniting with Los Angeles based duo, Free Slice, to combine classical opera with deep house on her groundbreaking original track “Resilience (featuring Free Slice).”

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Ave Maria Shalom

AVE MARIA SHALOM is a prayer for Peace, independent of faith and religion. This is how it was produced:

After recording some takes of the "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert in Fonojet Audio Studio, Berlin, I wanted to create something unique over these harmonies.

I started to improvise, using words from the Latin and the Arabic "Ave Maria", ending everything with the Hebrew "Shalom".

After some time I recorded a take that I felt was complete. German producer Marlon Klein made a mix out of it that I am very happy about.

I do hope you enjoy AVE MARIA SHALOM, this track is close to my heart.





Willa wrote this uplifting Peace Song together with Jonathan McHugh. Take a Breath (Berlin Mix) is arranged and produced by German film music composer Tom Leonhardt. It is an inspiration to stay open-minded, positive and grateful.







Global Chill

Water Music Records and J2 Records released a compilation at the top of 2017 featuring deep, chill, lounge, and ambient rhythms by various global artists including the talented Willa Weber.

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