Blue and Deep

“Joyfully rhythmic and so... luscious!"

"A harmonious combination of Wiltrud Weber’s Euro classical lyricism and Jephté Guillaume’s deep rooted Haitian Vodou and solid trance background. The songs are haunting and rootsy at the same time with friendly unconscious winks at Klaus Nomi and Grace Jones.”

Dan Behrman (Producer/Host, CBS Radio, Canada) about the album “Blue and Deep”




A Spiritual Embrace

Wiltrud Weber sings in Hebrew

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." Albert Einstein 

A soothing and inspiring rendition of these popular Hebrew songs. Listening to the warm and lyrical soprano of Wiltrud Weber will transport you in a peaceful place.





Global Acoustic Project

The words of many different languages become one...

Singing about peace, love and joy, Wiltrud Weber takes you on a journey through different languages and emotions...bridging classical, jazz and worldbeats in a unique way.